Give Us A Call, Today! 484-472-8534

Give Us A Call, Today! 484-472-8534


Pur-Tungsten is a leading supplier and manufacturer of tungsten and tungsten alloy goods.

Founded in 1997, our headquarters is located in Clifton Heights, PA in the United States.

We offer a wide array of tungsten consumer and sporting goods for sale here on our website. Tungsten is one of the densest elements on the planet and has proven to be the superior choice for density, durability, and heat resistance. Tungsten's amazing engineering and metallurgical properties make it the metal of choice for many applications.
Tungsten has a melting point of over 6000 degrees Fahrenheit and has a density of over 11 ounces per cubic inch. Such high numbers in comparison with other metals make tungsten the superior choice when high density or heat resistance are vital.

Our common and popular consumer &  sporting goods are listed for sale on this website. All available to arrive at your door with just a click, but we also carry a vast array of tungsten and other high-density metals & alloys in stock for use in the aero-space, aeronautics, electrical, film evaporation, furnace & kiln, manufacturing, medical, motorsports, radiological, semiconductor, and other related industries.

Pur-tungsten is a certified domestic supplier of Tungsten, Tungsten Carbide, Heavy Tungsten Alloy, Copper Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum and Niobium as either semi-finished blanks or as precision-machined parts. We are a global leader in the manufacturing, supplying, and distribution of High-Density Metals & Alloys.

We can deliver your order machined to your specifications as per your drawings. Our services are available for prototyping and low-to-high volume production runs. Our modern equipment, low costs, and short lead times allow Pur-Tungsten to provide our customers with top-quality products and excellent customer service. Our capabilities incudes direct pressing and MIM, CNC preforming, HIP sintering to assure consistently high strength, and fully automated CNC finishing to close tolerances and superior finishes.

All of our tungsten and tantalum raw materials come from "Conflict-Free" sources.
ITAR Compliant, Pur-tungsten produces all products meeting industry standards of ISO, ASTM, ASM, MIL, as well as custom grades.

Our purchasing options include blanket orders, just-in-time delivery, and consignment materials.
We specialize in Tungsten (W), Molybdenum (Mo), Tantalum (Ta), Niobium (Nb), and other industrial required alloys.
If you are looking for high-quality W/Mo/Ta/Nb/WC/WCu/Re products, please contact us today!

If you are looking to purchase in bulk, need custom fabrication, or products manufactured under your brand,
please email us at for more information.


Pur-Tungsten sporting goods include our pro-grade Tungsten fishing tackle, weights, sinkers and jigs.

 Tungsten shaft-Steel tip pro-grade throwing darts.

Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) for hunting and Tungsten recoil buffer weights for customizing AR-15 rifles, carbines, and pistols in H1,H2,H3 & recoil buffer weights for the JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring.

For Motorsports we stock Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weights for NASCAR, F1, & stock car chassis tuning. We also have a HUGE variety of Tungsten Crankshaft weights to get the perfect balance on your engine build.


Pur-Tungsten consumer products include solid Tungsten Cube Block Display Weights for the educator, scientist, metals collector, interior designer, architect, or office professional. Tungsten is the best compact counterbalance or back weight for all your action figure, anime figure, collectable toy, curio, figma, nendoroid, and scale model displays.

We also have premium Tungsten Pinewood Derby Car Weights that are perfect for finding just the right balance to fine tune your pinewood racer for top speed down the track.


Pur-Tungsten industrial products include top-quality TIG welding Tungsten electrodes. They are longest lasting Tungsten electrodes on the market. We carry all sizes in thoriated, lanthanated and ceriated.

For those in the  automotive industry, we offer Tungsten crankshaft balancing weights in several sizes. In addition, we carry Tungsten Carbide rotary burrs in many shapes and sizes for machining a wide variety of materials with precision and speed.