Anodized Black H, H2 & H3 AR-15 Carbine Buffers

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Ready to tune-up your AR and achieve the recoil you want? Get the perfect fit and weight for your AR-15 carbine buffer tube!

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Heavy H, H2 & H3 AR-15 hard anodized black carbine buffers from are the perfect fit and weight for your AR-15 carbine buffer tube. Your choice for the perfect recoil to fit your needs, from H, H2, or H3 black buffers without overspending. In addition, only premium quality Tungsten buffer weights are used in our heavy H, H2, and H3 buffers with a premium quality hard anodized buffer tube.


  • Highest quality Tungsten alloy
  • Anodized Buffer Tube (Black)
  • 3.25″ Long
  • Carbine Buffer (Approx: 3.0 oz.)
  • H Buffer (Approx: 3.8 oz.)
  • H2 Buffer (Approx: 4.6 oz.)
  • H3 Buffer (Approx: 5.5 oz.)
  • Significantly denser or heavier than lead, steel, or aluminum
  • Precision fit for your AR-15 carbine buffer tube


If you are looking to purchase in bulk, custom fabrication, or products manufactured under your brand, you can email us at for more information.

4 reviews for Anodized Black H, H2 & H3 AR-15 Carbine Buffers

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    Ordered this H buffer for a 450 bushmaster build. Quality, fit and finish are excellent along with best price by far. If you need a h3 buffer look no further.

  2. Dave (verified owner)

    I ordered the H3 buffer.
    This is an excellent buffer, you won’t find a better quality buffer.
    It fixed the problem I was having with an over gassed upper.
    The buffer was here two days after I ordered it, they also provided me with a number to call their AR expert if I had any further problems with my rifle, they go above and beyond.

  3. Al

    Good solution for AR308s running AR15 length buffer extension tubes. Pair with a Sprinco Orange spring and an adjustable gas block and you will have a very reliable system.

  4. kenneth k. (verified owner)

    I am finding that the H3 should be more of a standard in the carbine length gas system. This is my go to company (pur-tungsten) they have shown me exceptional integrity and top notch customer service. too many online stores lack this quality. Thank you for the service and product!

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