2% Thoriated Tungsten TIG Welding Electrodes


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Our 2% Thoriated TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes are of the highest quality on the market and alloyed with an array of metals. These welding electrodes are the most commonly used TIG electrodes due to their stability, longevity, and performance. You can use our Thoriated electrodes for DC welding (on surfaces like carbon and stainless steel, nickel, and titanium) and specialty AC welding, as they are ideal for thin aluminum (or materials less than 0.060” thick). We carry an array of sizes for your needs ranging from 1/16 X 7 inches to 1/8 X 7 inches to match your collet size, with our most popular being 2% Thoriated for welding stainless steel. Our 2% Thoriated Welding Tungsten Electrodes also provide a high-quality arc that is ideal for most TIG welding applications.


Electrode Features:

  • Premium Tungsten Electrodes or Rods
  • Long-Lasting and Reliable High-Quality Arc
  • 10 Electrodes Per Pack



  • 2% Thoriated (Red)



  • 1/16 X 7 inches
  • 5/64 X 7 inches
  • 3/32 X 7 inches
  • 1/8 X 7 inches



  • DC welding on surfaces like carbon and stainless steel, nickel, and titanium
  • AC welding for thin aluminum or materials less than 0.060” thick


If you are looking to purchase in bulk, custom fabrication, or products manufactured under your brand, you can email us at wholesale@pur-tungsten.com for more information.


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