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Tungsten is the ideal Chassis Ballast Weight for NASCAR, stock cars, Formula 1, or any racing enthusiast’s fast ride where tire grip and precision handling are a must. Tune your chassis with Tungsten and get the racing advantage that only heavy metal can bring!

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The ideal tungsten chassis ballast weight for NASCAR, stock cars, Formula 1, INDYCAR, or any racing enthusiast’s fast ride where tire grip and precision handling are a must. A block of tungsten is 70% heavier than a block of lead of similar dimensions without having lead’s known toxicity. This allows race teams to use smaller pieces of tungsten than other materials. Tungsten’s density allows more options for placement to get the desired balance and chassis tuning.

With your race car build you will need to add ballast to get the car up to the minimum standards set by your sanctioning body. Check your rulebook for the maximum left-side weight allowed. You will want to be as close to the maximum left side weight allowed as possible. All while maintaining your car’s minimum total weight.
Check with your car builder for their recommendation on front to rear weight percentages.
Now that you know what you want for rear weight you can begin finding a home for ballast weights.
Tungsten will allow you to put more weight in a smaller space than any other industrial material!

You need to locate the ballast as close to the Center of Gravity of the car and as low as possible.
All while maintaining the minimum total weight rule, maximum left-side weight rule and car
builder recommended rear weight.

By concentrating the ballast into a small area versus spreading it out your car will handle better.
The same idea holds true for the left to right weight distribution as well. You want to mount the
ballast in as small an area as possible. Our Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weights allow for this like no other material!

Your static weight numbers can be the same whether you mount tungsten ballast in concentrated areas or if you spread out basic weighted blocks on the left and right rails.
Standing still, this will look fine on the scales. But in race conditions, the spread-out ballasting will slow your car down, wear out your tires faster, and effect handling dramatically.

Concentrating more weight in less space allows more precise chassis adjustment. In a division where they tightly regulate left-side weight percentage, there are no inconsequential advantages. Roll center and center of gravity can also be more precisely set with tungsten than with lead, giving race teams using tungsten even more of a handling edge. The same principle applies to front to rear weight. Focus on concentrating your ballast into the smallest possible area and build your mount brackets to meet this goal.

By concentrating the ballast into the smallest possible area, you reduce the amount of weight that must be controlled once the car is in motion. You reduce the amount of back & forth motion in the turns and front to rear weight transitions under braking and acceleration.
Weight transfers occur in more controllable amounts, which will result in a more efficient, and stable handling racecar.

This makes Tungsten the ideal material for this usage. Our Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weights have the mass and density of no other material.
Our 2 5/8″ (2.625″) x 3 5/8″ (3.625″) x 6″ block of tungsten weighs 36 pounds in that small of a block! Nothing else will let you fit so much weight in a concentrated space. Tungsten gives you a true heavy metal advantage!

With planning your mounting locations you can make your car faster by properly placing our Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weights.  The benefits of tungsten keep giving throughout the life of your race car!

When you are conscientious in the mounting of all your racing components, you will be able to place your tungsten ballast closer to the Center of Gravity and low to the ground in the tightest of spaces while still maintaining your maximum left-side weight and desired rear weight.

The result of placing tungsten ballast in a concentrated area is a race car that is more nimble.
The race car will change directions much quicker and will be more responsive.
Your tire temperatures will be reduced, and tire wear will be improved.

You will see lap-times go down. Your car will have more grip and handle more consistently. The chances for victories will rise.

The competition has learned the benefits of tungsten weights in their race cars and are using them to tune their chassis.
Don’t let them leave you behind on the racetrack.
Give your race car the competitive edge that only tungsten can bring!



  • Made of a heavy Tungsten alloy
  • 36 lbs with a Brushed finish
  • 2 5/8″ (2.625″) x 3 5/8″ (3.625″) x 6″ fit standard chassis rails
  • Perfect for NASCAR & Formula 1 Race Cars
  • Gives race teams the competitive advantage over other materials
  • Allows for more precise chassis tuning for better handling and faster lap-times


If you are looking to purchase in bulk, need custom fabrication, or products manufactured under your brand, you can email us at wholesale@pur-tungsten.com for more information.

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2 5/8" x 3 5/8" x 6"
To fit standard chassis rails


36 pounds with a Brushed finish

2 reviews for Tungsten Chassis Ballast Weight | NASCAR & F1

  1. Ian (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous! A perfectly measured block and impressively heavy, had the guys around the office and friends amazed at such a relatively small, but incredibly dense piece of metal. While this would certainly function as a ballast weight for any application, I purchased this as an educational tool in density for some physics and chemistry demonstrations, it’s also a fantastic conversation piece to leave on the coffee table for curious visitors to struggle with picking up!

    The surfaces are clean and smoothly milled, the four longer edges are beveled slightly, but the edges on mine needed a bit of sanding (diamond compound necessary, this stuff is tougher than tool steel!), and I know this will surely come in handy in a number of places, well beyond its intended purpose described above. Many thanks to the guys here for the quick shipping and care/attention to customer service!

  2. TarHeel

    Let me preface my review by saying what a pleasure it is to deal with this company. I’m not going to dox myself or my race team, but I manage a team with several well-known drivers and a large stable of cars with differing setups for various tracks. I was sourcing my ballast elsewhere, and often had issues with stock and delivery. These guys are an actual tungsten manufacturer, and their delivery times are amazing. I can always get the standard size tungsten ballast from them with just a click on their website, and they were an absolute pleasure to deal with when I needed to order some custom sized tungsten blocks for tuning road-course setups. Tuning a NextGen chassis is a world of difference than our own frame builds in the past, and finding the perfect tuning for each track is so much easier when you have this super dense metal at hand. Their pricing is always spot on, and whenever I hear someone say that they found tungsten cheap somewhere, it’s always just a couple of tear-outs from a wreck and never the quantities that my team needs for the season. I almost hate letting the competition find out my sources, but this place deserves a thumbs up review and should be the go-to supplier for any serious race team.

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