Tungsten Crankshaft Balancing Weights

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Available in several different sizes, sure to work with most crankshafts.

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Pur Tungsten (T&D Materials Manufacturing) brings you top-performance Tungsten crankshaft balancing weights made with extreme precision of the highest-quality. Made from the densest element on Earth, these weights are perfect for any crankshaft balancing needs. Choose from several available sizes or contact us for any sizes you don’t see that you need. We have the capability to customize and manufacture Tungsten crankshaft balancing weights to your specifications.

***Diameter X Length***


  • Premium Tungsten Alloy
  • One of the most dense elements on Earth
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Several size options for any need
  • Custom manufacturing available

Are you looking for items in bulk, custom fabrication, or products manufactured under your brand? We can do that because Pur.Tungsten is the online retail site for our manufacturing company, T&D Materials Manufacturing. Contact us to learn more.

3 reviews for Tungsten Crankshaft Balancing Weights

  1. Bill (verified owner)

    Fabulous shotgun stock balance weights. Great products – all 3 sizes ordered had very tight tolerances. Tungsten is so much denser, not to mention just nicer, than lead too!

  2. Jay (verified owner)

    Nearly the same size as cr123. Used for competition weight. Worth the money and delivered fast

  3. Steven (verified owner)

    These make for terrific rifle stock balance weights. A bit expensive compared to using lead for balance weights, but that means you can drill a smaller hole in the stock and possibly avoid drilling a second hole into your heavy F-Class stocks! pur.tungsten.com has cheapest prices around that I have found, super fast shipping of in stock items too.

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