Tungsten Flipping Fishing Weights


Comes in black or green and sizes range in weight from 3/8 to 2 ounces.

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We are a leader in terminal tackle, and we offer the highest quality Flipping Weights on the market. They are the most durable weights you’ll find. Out weigh the competition with our professional grade Tungsten fishing weights. When it comes to leisure or competitive angling, never settle for second best! We manufacturer our fishing weights and sinkers with the utmost precision as we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality in the industry. With all of the brands out there, Pur.Tungsten is the one to trust.


  • Green or Black
  • Specs: 3/8 oz. (3-Pack), 1/2 oz. (2-Pack), 3/4oz. (2-Pack), 1 oz. (2-Pack), 1.25 oz. (1-Pack), 1.5 oz. (1-Pack), 2 oz. (1-Pack)
  • Tungsten fishing terminal tackle products are made with the utilization of Ultra Premium Grade Tungsten.
  • Our flipping weights and sinkers are way more dense than lead and will allow you to feel even the lightest bites so you can up your game and smash the competition.
  • Lead free
  • Insert free
  • Durable finish

Are you looking for items in bulk, custom fabrication, or products manufactured under your brand? We can do that because Pur.Tungsten is the online retail site for our manufacturing company, T&D Materials Manufacturing. Contact us to learn more.


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