Tungsten Derby Car Weights (2.25 oz.)

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Find the perfect balance for your pine car racer with Tungsten Pinewood Derby Car Weights.  With over 2-ounces of incremental Tungsten cylinder weights 3/8” in diameter weights, the different sizes allow for custom and precision weight distribution where necessary to achieve maximum speed. Pur Tungsten weights are made from safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly Tungsten offering superior density when compared with lead, zinc, steel, or aluminum. Don’t be last to cross the finish line, order your kit today.


  • Premium Quality Tungsten, Lead-FREE Weights
  • Incremental Cylinders for Customizing Perfect Balance and Weight Distribution
  • 3 (1/2 ounce cylinders)
  • 2 (1/4 ounce cylinders)
  • 2 (1/8 ounce cylinders)

Are you looking for items in bulk, custom fabrication, or products manufactured under your brand? We can do that because Pur.Tungsten is the online retail site for our manufacturing company, T&D Materials Manufacturing. Contact us to learn more.


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