Tungsten Derby Car Putty (1 oz.)

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Find the perfect balance for your pinewood derby car racer with 1 ounces of mold-able Tungsten putty. Pur.Tungsten putty allows for custom, precision weight distribution where necessary to achieve maximum derby car speed. Our putty is made from safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly Tungsten Polymer blend. Don’t be the last car to cross the finish line, order your putty today.


  • QUALITY – Tungsten putty is a non-hardening, mold-able material made from Tungsten powder and a Polymer binder.
  • TIME SAVER – Easy for fine-tuning pinewood derby cars and making fishing weights.
  • FLEXIBLE – Can be easily shaped and placed on your car.
  • VERSATILE – Use as weight for pinewood derby cars or for fishing weights.
  • DENSE – 1 oz. of the derby car putty equals 1 oz. of Lead
  • SAFE – Unlike Lead, Tungsten derby putty is non-toxic, making it safe for everyone and the environment

Are you looking for items in bulk, custom fabrication, or products manufactured under your brand? We can do that because Pur.Tungsten is the online retail site for our manufacturing company, T&D Materials Manufacturing. Contact us to learn more.


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