Tungsten Super Shot TSS Hunting Pellets (1lb Bags)


Tungsten Super Shot TSS Hunting Pellets from Pur-Tungsten are the best shots for your shotgun shells and all your reloading needs. Perfect for waterfowl, game birds & deer hunting. Lead-free & non-toxic to meet federal & local regulations. Premium high-density Tungsten Super Shot TSS loads for shotgun shell loading of buckshot & birdshot pellets.

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Tungsten Super Shot TSS Hunting Pellets from Pur-Tungsten are the perfect shots for your shotgun shells and all your reloading needs.

We offer your choice of seven sizes to fit your needs in 1-pound bags. We even carry full drum quantities in stock if your needs are large or industrial. Tungsten Super Shot offers a longer terminal velocity, for cleaner toxic-free kills. With many states moving to lead-free in their lakes and streams we offer premium quality non-toxic tungsten to produce our hunting buckshot and birdshot loads.

The USA federal ban on the use of lead shot for hunting waterfowl was phased-in starting with the 1987-88 hunting season. The ban became nationwide in 1991. The federal government banned lead shot for waterfowl hunting. Initially the ban motivated a transition from lead to steel shot, and steel remained the main option for waterfowl hunters for many years. Though steel shot is certainly less harmful to the environment than lead, its effectiveness is far from perfect. While steel is harder than lead, it is also less dense (around 8 grams per cubic centimeter versus lead’s 11 g/cc). Steel loads means less kinetic energy downrange.
Hunters who had grown up shooting lead quickly noticed that steel didn’t kill as effectively, and they complained of wounding and losing more birds than in the days of lead. The inadequacy of steel shot led loaders to experiment with other non-toxic materials and eventually tungsten became the superior choice.

Tungsten changed the game when it comes to how we think about shotgun ballistics.

Having a density of 19.3 g/cc (nearly 70 percent denser than lead), tungsten is now the best option for hunting ammunition. Ammunition manufacturers experimented with different alloys until they came across what we now refer to as Tungsten Super Shot (TSS), a composition of 95 percent tungsten and 5 percent nickel & iron powder. TSS isn’t just an alternative to other non-toxic shot materials, it’s a vast improvement over anything that’s ever existed!

There are a ton of advantages to using TSS in your loads. Being 60 percent denser than lead and over twice the density of steel, hunters can get more kinetic energy out of a smaller shot size. With a drop in shot size more pellets can fit into a single shell. For example, a single #9 pellet of TSS has a similar mass to a #5 lead pellet and because #9 pellets are much smaller, you can stuff a lot more pellets into a shotgun shell. Imagine a shotgun shell of #5 lead pellets now loaded with over twice as many tungsten pellets that carry the same mass, and you start to understand the extreme effectiveness of TSS.

The higher density of TSS means it can deliver killing blows at longer distances. Smaller pellet sizes mean better penetration and more lethal shots. Smaller pellets are also less affected by wind because of their smaller surface area—which leads to greater accuracy, especially at longer distances. Denser tungsten pellets slow less quickly, and maintain their speed and energy for a longer distance. TSS doesn’t hit and smush like lead, TSS hits and drives through the target.

Then there is what might be the greatest advantage of TSS: the opportunity to drop the payload weight, enjoy the corresponding drop in recoil, but still retain the ability to take birds at long distances. A hunter can now carry a sub-gauge shotgun and enjoy the effectiveness of a larger load without the punishing recoil. TSS allows you to go down in bore size or payload without giving up performance. The many advantages of using tungsten super shot become obvious.

TSS shines for waterfowl hunting because of its consistent patterning.

Unlike lead, which is quite soft, TSS shot doesn’t deform when it collides with other pellets in the shot column. This deformation is what causes fliers, holes in patterns, and fewer pellets on target. In ballistics tests TSS consistently offers full and predictable patterns out to 60 and even 70 yards.

TSS is undeniably better than lead or steel in its effectiveness, but it is also better for the places where we hunt and fish. As hunters and anglers, we all care about clean water and healthy ecosystems. Switching to non-toxic tungsten is a no-brainer. The undeniable effectiveness of Tungsten Super Shot is the greatest advance in shot gun shell performance in recent history.


  • Tungsten Hunting Shot TSS Tungsten Super Shot Birdshot and Buckshot Pellets
  • 1 Pound Bags
  • Sizes for 10-gauge, 12-gauge, 16-gauge, 20-gauge, 28-gauge, and .410 Shotguns
  • Shot Sizes: 0.08″/#9, 0.09″/#8, 0.10″/#7, 0.11″/#6, 0.12/#5, 0.13″/#4 & 0.14″/#3
  • 95% Tungsten, 5% Nickel & Iron TSS
  • Ground finished +/-0.001” tolerance
  • Sintered finished shot


  • Highest quality Tungsten Alloy Loads
  • LEAD-FREE & Non-Toxic, Ideal for Waterfowl and Deer Hunting
  • Significantly Denser or Heavier Than Lead or Steel
  • Five Times Harder Than Steel
  • High Density Allows for More Smaller Pellets to Be Loaded, Covering a Wider Range
  • Perfect Fit for Shotgun Shells
  • Easily make loads to fit your specific hunting needs without compromising kinetic energy
  • Ideal shot for Hunting Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, Pheasants, and any other game birds and waterfowl.

If you are looking to purchase in bulk, need custom fabrication, or products manufactured under your brand, please email us at wholesale@pur-tungsten.com for more information.


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