Tungsten Fishing Putty (1 oz Pack)

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Find the perfect weight for fishing with 1 ounce of mold-able Tungsten putty. Pur Tungsten putty allows for custom, precision weight distribution on your fishing line. Our putty is made from safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly Tungsten Polymer. Order your toxic-free fishing putty today.


  • QUALITY – Tungsten Putty is a non-hardening, mold-able material made from Tungsten powder and a Polymer binder.
  • TIME SAVER – Easy use for making fishing weights.
  • FLEXIBLE – Can be easily shaped and added to your fishing line or hook eye.
  • DENSE & SAFE – 1 ounce of fishing putty equals 1 ounce of Lead, but unlike Lead, it is non-toxic and safe for the environment.


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